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Item No.: 00705
Offer an innovative phototherapy bed that provides a range of health benefits through its combination of red light and near-infrared wavelengths. With each wavelength independently controlled, you can customize your treatment to suit your specific needs

Provides the following services:

1. OEM / ODM / OBM service, we could help you cut logo on the housing, print logo sticker, customized color ratio, your own user manual, etc. You could create your own light source.
2. Free Design, professional design team free design for you.
3. Low MOQ custom service.
4. Regional or exclusive agency.
5. Drop shipping.
6. Free pictures and videos, we can free provide professional artist services for customized customers.
7. Premium quality with Competitive price, and have warranty up to 24 months.
Single Wavelength
Dual Wavelength
Full Spectrum 4 Wavelength
Custom Wavelengths
Red Light:
* 630nm
* 633nm
* 660nm
Red + Near Infra:
* 660nm + 850nm
or customized
Advanced Photobiomodulation Therapy Technology:
* 633nm + 810nm + 850nm + 940nm
Custom Logo, Package
14 Years Professional OEM Manufacturer

We researched the effectiveness of red/near-infrared light and its optimal distance from LED to the skin. With precise measurements, our Wellness units are designed to be at the best distance for the most effective healing.Power density matters.

Using the inverse-square law we found the perfect distance. The inverse-square law describes the light received from most sources. If the distance between an object and the light source is doubled, a given area receives only one-fourth as much light; if the distance is tripled, only one-ninth.

Biohuaer has comfort acrylic. The bed wraps around the patient to provide even distribution of therapy.
Through research and development of our Wellness units, we found the optimal distance to get that penetration without hot spots. This ensures that you get a gentle and more even therapy distribution with no hot spots. Each of our LEDs has lenses to maximize this even coverage of treatment. With our units, the distance to your body is just right.

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