Wholesale Multifunction Bubble Cleaning Machine Hydro Facial Machine

Item No.: WX600
Hydrafacial Machine has a variety of functions, which can enhance the face in all aspects, comprehensively solve the facial problems, and make the face smooth, firm and shiny glowing.
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Radio frequency principle

Through the 6 million-times of wireless vibration on the probe, the high frequency of vibration generates heat inside the skin molecule, the temperature will stay among 55-60℃, the collagen shrink and as time go on it reborns and recombine, firming the skin and improving the wrinkles.

* Strong spray power: Upgrade the spray pump pressure to make the output stronger.

* Whirlpool suction: Hydrogen and oxygen water bubble whirlpool, stronger cleaning power.

* Anti-leakage: The piston of the jet pump is closer to each other, and no air or liquid is leaked.

* Low noise: high-precision materials, more stable internal skeleton components.

* Unique screen: high-definition sensitive touch, screen angle can be adjusted

* Silicone design: skin-friendly material silicone, non-slip and more hand-feel


Long-term make up, living in air pollution areas, folliculitis, skin dull and tired, large pores, clogging, thick corneum, blackheads, pigmentation and other skin problems.

Treatment efficary:

Clean the mites, improve the skin dull and texture, deep clean the skin as well as getting rid of facial fluorescer, at the same time moisturizing and supplying nutrients to skin, cleaning the black and white head, improve skin relaxation, fine pores and increase skin transparency.


Installed heating function, breaking through the traditional small bubble instrument technical level, open pores, soften keratin, make muscles cleans the skin deeper, improves skin's dullness, blackheads, leaves skin clean, supple.

Polymer water oxygen

Combined with nutrients, it is finely atomized the cells supplement the nutrition.

Ultrasound import

Designed with a peristaltic pump, the liquid does not touch the pump body, bottle-mounted products are more convenient, and the nutrients are the rice form penetrates into the basal layer of the skin to improve skin absorption, to make the skin shiny, moist and white.

Ultrasound activates skin cells at a frequency of 1 to 3 million vibrations per minute, promotes nourishment and absorption of cells, and makes the absorption rate of cells reach more than 90%.

Skin scrubber vibration cleaning

Whitening, remole dead skin, blackhead, import function.

HR Bipolar

Use 2M and 4M variable frenquency RF to enhance the eye and change good eye fine lines, eye swelling, restore eyesight.

Cold hammer

Shrink pores, calm, eliminate redness and sensitivity. 

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