Wholesale 9 In 1 Beauty Hydrafacial Skin Bubble Machine Skin Beauty Cleansing Facial Hydradermabrasion Machine

Item No.: WX9
With 9 handles, can do many projects, such as clean, tighten, smoothing, remove eye lines, remove acne
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1. H2-O2 bubble cleaning

Helps open pores, soften keratin, make skin clean deeper, improve dull skin, remove blackheads, make skin cleaner, moisturizing and brighting

2. High polymer water oxygen

Combine with liquid products, thus the irstrument produce oxygen-high water ion cells, quickly import the injection in the dermis

3. Ultrasonic

Use the ultrasonic per minute 1-3 million times vibration to open the pore, leading into the serum to deep cells

4. Skin scrubber vibration cleaning

Use high-frequency vibration waves to soften skin keratinocytes and deeply cleanse - whitening, remove dead skin, blackhead

5. Bipolar RF

Use 2M and 4M variable frequency RF to enhance the eye and change good eye fine lines, eye swelling, restore eyesight

6. Hot and cold

Hot and cold lift, tighten, reduce wrinkles, enhance skin cell regeneration, rejuvenate skin, and perform base repair for sensitive skin

7. Hydrodermabrasion

Cationic lifting through deep penetration of vitamins raw regenerative introduction of collagen to enhance lifting and tightening improve wrinkles

8. Mousse bubbles

Generates hundreds of millions of ultra-cotton dense bubbles, oxygen-activating muscle bottom, intensive oxygen injection, anti-oxidative skin rejuvenation

* Strong spray power: Upgrade the spray pump pressure to make the output stronger.

* Whirlpool suction: Hydrogen and oxygen water bubble whirlpool, stronger cleaning power.

* Anti-leakage: The piston of the jet pump is closer to each other, and no air or liquid is leaked.

* Low noise: high-precision materials, more stable internal skeleton components.

* Unique screen: high-definition sensitive touch, screen angle can be adjusted

* Silicone design: skin-friendly material silicone, non-slip and more hand-feel

Voltage 100V-240V  50Hz-60Hz
Power < 350 W
RF Frequency Bipolar/ quadripolar
Hot & Cold Scope 0-45°C
Ultrasound 1.1 MHz
Probe 4 soft heads & 8 hard heads
Hydrodermabrasion Handles 90 Kpa pressure; Flow capacity: 30L
Positive Pressure 3-4 KG
Screen 8 inch
Solution Bottle 1.Deep layer cleaning
2.Whitening & moisturizing
3.Fruit acid rejuvenation
4.Pipe cleaning
Solution & recycled bottle are with intelligent detection function

Treatment efficacy

Clean the mites,improve the skin dull and texture.Deep clean the skin as well as getting rid of facial fluorescer, at the same time moisturizing and supplying nutrients to the skin.Cleaning the black and white head. Improve skin relaxation,fine pores and increase skin transparency。


Long-term make-up,living in air pollution areas ,folliculitis,skin
dull and tired.Large pores, clogging, thick corneum, blackheads, pigmentation and other skin problems;

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